Odia Book Nakata Chitrakara

Nakata Chitrakara is an Odia book edited by Faturananda that delves into the world of traditional Odia painters, popularly known as Nakatas. This captivating book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the rich art and culture of Odisha.

With a keen focus on the Nakatas, who are skilled artists in the state, the book presents a magnificent collection of their artwork, showcasing their expertise in various painting styles and techniques. The editor, Faturananda, has meticulously curated and documented the invaluable contributions of these artists, offering insights into their lives, inspirations, and artistic journey.

Nakata Chitrakara not only features the artworks, but also provides engaging and informative write-ups to enhance readers’ understanding of the cultural context and historical significance of the paintings. The book acts as a visual treat, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the vibrant colors, intricate details, and unique narratives depicted in the Nakatas’ creations.

The 200-page book exemplifies the significance of preserving and promoting traditional art forms, as well as honoring the efforts of these talented painters who have maintained the essence of Odia art through their works. It serves as a valuable resource for art enthusiasts, historians, students, and anyone interested in exploring the diverse artistic heritage of Odisha.

Nakata Chitrakara by editor Faturananda is an ode to the Nakatas and their exceptional artistic prowess, capturing the essence of Odia art and culture with every turn of the page.


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